Advertising & Marketing With Benefits

Attract Organic User Traffic

You get more traffic and sales by having our kiosk at your shop. Nearby users will be shown your promotional content.

Why Advertise with WATTAH?

Omni-channel Marketing

Our ad platforms include Mobile and Out-of-Home, so you capture the most out of your budget.

Strengthen Branding

Wattah brings portable charger renting to the masses, associating your company with a good cause.

Competitive Pricing

Existing OOH ads are pricey, we know. We've done our homework, and we're proud to bring you good advertising deals.

Data-Driven Targeting

Our revolutionary ad-tech approach meshes together data from many sources, bringing more granular targeting of audience to you.

Retargeting Customers

With our Offline-to-Online-to-Offline platform focusing on retargeting, we drive customers back to your store for more sales!

Eyeball Tracking Technology

Wattah's kiosks are able to track where and what the audience is seeing, helping you measure the effectiveness of your ads.

Market Surveys

With our strong user base, companies can gather crucial data about people's preferences through our mobile surveys.

Increase Revenue

Of course, every advertiser's goal is to increase sales. What better way than to leverage on the next-generation platform like WATTAH!

Ready to advertise with Wattah?

O2O2O Commerce

Offline-to-Online-to-Offline. Bringing customers to both your physical and online stores. And back to your physical and online stores.


Shopper rents a portable charger at shopping mall.


Shopper goes shopping and uses phone while charging on-the-go.


Wattah Kiosk captures shopper’s shopping bags and shopping behaviour using proprietary ad tech.


Targeted ads are displayed on shopper’s phone based on shopper’s history of purchases, travel behavior and demographics.


Shopper is encouraged to continue shopping online through ad discounts, limited sales etc.


Online post-sales and future store-only sales drives customers back to retail outlet for more purchases.

 "I have to say the concept is indeed interesting."

- Mateen, Circles.Life

 "It sounds interesting.. [to] differentiate yourselves versus other OOH [platforms]."

- Gina, L'Oreal Paris